Saturday, January 31, 2009

Epidemk is here, the quiet storm is coming

Check this out posted by Shooki Epidemk newest recruit to the team.

As you can see the first series of EPIDEMK is up. EPIDEMK : LOVE
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.
Without any of you it will be impossible to spread the love.

EPIDEMK’s journey begins with LOVE, because that is what one requires to taking the first step of believing in a positive phenomenon and working towards it. Without LOVE, Davon Paul as well as myself would not be here taking our first steps, together, today.
Until today, I spent my life being insecure and it was my insecurities that led me eventually to be unstable. These insecurities increased as time progressed and as I held on to my struggles from the past. I never fully realized how much burden and trauma I was willingly carrying upon my back because no matter how miserable I was I couldn’t help but feel a fire inside me for I was longing for something. And in some sick way, because I had grown accustomed to feeling miserable, my misery eventually became my safety.
Time kept turning but I stood still. There were so many things that I wanted to do with my life but lacked the courage to do so because all my time was occupied by focusing on the negative, as well as failing at the things that I hadn’t even accomplished yet.
My insecurities at some point in my life won over my drive to live and I spent a very long period of my time mourning. I still am but in a more positive manner. Before my awakening, my thoughts were filled with the voices and faces of everyone who had stepped on me throughout my life, everyone who didn’t believe in me, and everyone who made me feel absolutely fucking worthless. Eventually I became convinced that I was worthless.
My flame was still there, because that is my destiny, it was just so heavily suppressed by everything unproductive that there was no room left for productivity.
I always loved art, dearly, so dearly in fact that the only time I was free was when drawing, but I never perused it because I knew the amount of energy and work that it required (and personally I no longer had that energy) and I didn’t want to put in all that work for nothing.
It was easier to dream about my accomplishments then to actually try and achieve them.
Through my period of mourning I found myself increasingly getting more impatient with feeling sorry for myself as well as holding onto every horror story that I had gone through. My mind frame and my thoughts shifted. I began seeing the positive in my misery and my loneliness because I truly began to believe that the events that occurred in my life were what I needed in order to be the person I am today.
I accepted and appreciated my past. Especially the most painful moments and noticeably began becoming happier and more confident. My positive outlook pushed me off my sorry ass and brought my drive back. I began drawing again as well as actively busting my ass in all my classes the best that I could. No appreciation came out of anyone for my efforts but that didn’t matter anymore. What mattered now was that I appreciated myself. I kept thinking positive and when I came across new barriers I slowed down and learnt to work around them.
As I progressed in school and increased the amount of time I devoted to my art, I gained a natural high. Looking at everything in a positive outlook made it so much EASIER to move forward and smile towards the future.
My biggest challenge came about two weeks ago when Davon “EPIDEMK” Paul approached me about EPIDEMK. We sat down and discussed what it is that we wanted to gain out of our adventure and whom we wanted to inspire along the process. EVERYONE! WE WANT TO INSPIRE EVERYONE!
In the past if I were approached with this project I would have declined, because I was not ready to come out as an artist. How could I express my views to the world if I didn’t believe in myself?
I needed to wake up from my stage of denial if I was going to go through with EPIDEMK and it was EPIDEMK that forced me to do so. So I sucked it up my fears, smoked a joint and sat down with my pencil and paper in the dark and drew for hours.
The LOVE series is the beginning of expressing to others the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, the POWER OF LOVE, and the rewards that come from spreading it.
What we all need to understand together is that if there’s anything we want to do, we just have to go out there and do it. NO IF’s, BUT’s, or I’M SCARED… JUST DO IT.
EPIDEMK wont be launched until the summer but until then we have this facebook account so that you may track our progress as well as hopefully inspire yourself in the process to do what it is you love.
Making ART, spreading a positive message and promoting imagination (through both sound and visuals) is EPIDEMK’s love, collaborating with others is another love of ours, and inspiring you along the way is our mission. Even if it means that we have to fail.
There will be no regrets as long as we are doing what we love.
We’re looking forward to sharing this journey with you.
Love always

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